Facebook could lose 80% of their users by 2017

Facebook could lose 80% of their users by 2017


Facebook may have an expiration date. That is losing steam among younger users is nothing new . Instead, more and more data supporting this theory , reaching far equate to queen of social networks as a disease that is overdue .

This statement about the decline of Facebook comes from two researchers at Princeton University , who have focused on the study of the evolution of the elements that cause the rise , rapid development and decrepitude of social phenomena .

These two doctoral students base their conclusions on the use of epidemiological models , indicating that ideas , like diseases , spread of contagious between humans and later die. Such is the case of MySpace , who between 2008 and 2011 entered a phase of decline, which led him to disappear almost as quickly as it came to grow.

 Well, according to John Cannarella and Joshua A. Spechler and it is time to Facebook , predicting immediate collapse and death process . Their findings indicate that this year Facebook will reduce up to 20% size, then to experience a sharp drop in to take you to lose 80 % of its activity between 2015 and 2017.

Certainly this is not a very promising future , we will have the opportunity to witness in the coming months . The idea that Facebook finally disappears can be a bit exaggerated , but , if you stick to the facts , it does have its rationale .Recently and were tackling issues related to the abandonment of this network by young people, in favor of other platforms such as Twitter , Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat . A stampede caused largely by the arrival of members of other generations , among which are found even their parents, along with an advertising strategy that has finally saturarlesWe are witnessing the beginning of the end . GlobalWebIndex already recognized a 3% drop in the use of Facebook during the last half of 2013 . Meanwhile , data from Jaffray showed that 26 % prefer Twitter , while only 23 % opt for Facebook, an indication the less worrying.It seems that what was shown as trends are confirmed as the worst of the news , only expect to see if the studies are correct , and Facebook will finish serving his cycle like any other contagious disease.

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